Bailie Perriton Letter of Thanks
Dear Motorcycling Canterbury,
I really appreciate the help you are giving me over this series in Australian FX Super bike. I had a really great time, it was the first time out of the country for me so that was a whole new experience, but I had a good time travelling, no jet lag or anything, which made me feel a bit better for the riding . The 300 really surprised me with how much power difference it had compared to the 250, and it had a slipper clutch, that was a lot of fun into corners. A couple of times I was in a battle and went up the inside of the guy fully sideways. On the Friday we were in a big hurry getting all the stickers on and stuff we only got one practice out of three and the qualifying, but at least we got the qualifying session in, which I came third in I was stoked about that. I had some really great battles with some very experienced riders, it was awesome to see the level of riding outside of New Zealand. I wasn't expecting it too be so professional, at home it's so more laid back, I was late to one of the races and had to start off the back of the grid, but was still able to catch back up and claim 3rd in that one. They had us on tv,and live timing. The scrutineering was very professional, they practically took the whole bike apart when they checked it . I am really happy with how the weekend went as we had the most standard bike on the track.... because some of the parts hadn't turned up, But I still was able to claim 3rd place in both championships. I'm really exited for the next round in Adelaide as they haven't held a national event for motorcycles there in many years, so it will be exiting too be apart of that round. I am hoping to be up battling with the top guys next round. Thanks Bailie Perriton